Nextbase Dashboard Cameras

Nextbase – Review of the Top 5 Nextbase Dashboard Cameras

Nextbase provides a range of dashboard cameras that easily record footage whilst you are driving, so you can always be sure that any incidents or accidents are recorded to protect against erroneous insurance claims.

Nextbase is also one of the only dashboard camera makers that can alert the emergency services too should you be in an accident.

Here are the top 5 Nextbase dashboard cameras to browse.

1. Nextbase 412GW

Front and Rear Camera: No | GPS: Yes | Camera Quality: 1440p HD | Battery Saving Parking Mode : Yes

  • Night vision
  • 140-degree angle
  • Google Maps tracker

This Nextbase dashboard camera comes with night vision enabled, so you can record images even at low light.

The 140-degree wide-angle lens makes it simple to capture images and footage accurately, and thanks to its GPS enabled technology, you can also easily track your journey via Google Maps too.

2. Nextbase 422GW

SOS Emergency Response Dash Cam

Front and Rear Camera: Yes | GPS: Yes | Camera Quality: 1440P/30fps & 1080P/60fps HD | Battery Saving Parking Mode : Yes

  • Syncs files via Bluetooth
  • SOS emergency response
  • Front and rear cameras

This Nextbase dashboard camera can sync via Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi, so you can easily upload all files of your recorded footage.

This dashboard camera will also automatically alert the emergency services in the event of a collision or accident.

This dashboard camera also features two separate front and rear cameras for maximum field of vision.

3. Nextbase 522GW

Includes Built in Alexa Functionality

Front and Rear Camera: No | GPS: Yes | Camera Quality: 1440p/30fps HD | Battery Saving Parking Mode : Yes

  • 140-degree wide-angle lens
  • Attachments for rear camera
  • Alexa functionality

This Nextbase dashboard camera easily connects to Alexa for improved control and functionality and has plenty of options to attach a rear dashboard camera too if you wish.

The high-resolution camera and wide-angle 140-degree lens helps this dashboard camera to accurately capture all front-facing footage as you drive.

4. Nextbase 312G

Easy-Fit Powered Mount Dash Cam

Front and Rear Camera: No | GPS: Yes | Camera Quality: 1080p HD | Battery Saving Parking Mode : Yes

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Track your journey
  • High-quality images

This dashboard camera comes with an Easy-Fit powered mount to simply attach it to any vehicle, and this dashboard camera can easily help you to track your journey via connecting to Google Maps.

Featuring 1080p HD camera quality, you can be assured that all images and footage will be of crystal clear quality.

5. Nextbase 112

Compact Dash Cam Design

Front and Rear Camera: No | GPS: Yes | Camera Quality: 720p HD | Battery Saving Parking Mode : No

  • Magnetic mount
  • Small and compact design
  • Built-in backup battery

This dashboard camera is simple to install thanks to its magnetic mount, and despite its smaller and more compact design, it still records high-quality images and has a 120-degree camera angle.

This dashboard camera can also provide 30 minutes of emergency battery recording in the event of an accident too.

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