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Top 6 Dashboard Camera Reviews for 2021

Driving can be a challenging situation, and it can really help to have a dashboard camera onboard when someone challenges your version of events.

A dashcam can really help to avoid any unnecessary hassles on the road. To get you started, here are some of our top picks.

Nextbase 622GW Dash Cams

The most sought after dash cams.

Power Supply: Plugged In | Video Quality: 4K | Night Vision: Yes | Rear Camera: None

+ It has a built-in feature for Alexa and the what3words geolocation service

+ Excellent video quality

+ A newer replacement for the 522GW

This dashcam is the most preferred item by most car owners today. The reason for that is its exceptional features, which involves the use of Alexa and the what3words geolocation service.

The front camera also has a built-in polarizing effect, reducing glare from the windshield while it’s recording.

Garmin 66W Dash Cams

An easy-to-use dash cam for most people.Power Supply: Battery | Video Quality: 1440p | Night Vision: Yes | Rear Camera: None

+ It has a 180-degree viewing angle so you can see what’s happening at a far distance

+ The HDR video recording helps you see clearer at night

+ You can use the free app to access extra cameras and get a 360-degree viewing angle of your car

If you’re looking for easy usability, the Garmin 66W might be the one for you.

You won’t have any problems with this camera, especially since it has a 180-degree viewing angle that lets you see almost everything on your frontal area.

The HDR recording also helps you record clear videos during nighttime, and if you want extra cameras, you can link them using the free app.

VIOFO 4K Dual Dash Cameras A129 Pro Duo

A high-end front and rear camera combo.

Power Supply: Battery | Video Quality: 4k | Night Vision: Yes | Rear Camera: Yes

+ One of the best underdogs in the car dash cam industry

+ Its durable plastic casing houses the exceptional technology within

+ The front and rear cameras can record high-quality videos

VIOFO has a built-in module for the GPS, it can shoot 4K videos tirelessly, and it runs on supercapacitors, meaning it has longer battery life.

Even though the 4K resolution only runs on 30fps, it’s still a good choice considering that it comes with a rear camera.

Thinkware U1000 4K Dash Cams

The best 4K dash cam you will find.

Power Supply: Battery | Video Quality: 4K | Night Vision: Yes | Rear Camera: Yes

+ Perfect for those who are looking for a premium choice

+ The 150-degree lens provides a wide video coverage

+ It has an energy-saving mode to prevent your vehicle’s battery from draining

The Thinkware U1000 is probably the most high-end dash cam you will find today.

The super sharp 4K resolution is perfectly paired with its 150-degree viewing angle, and you also get integrated WiFi and GPS features for a more fulfilled driving experience.

The camera also promotes a night vision setting, making it ideal to use any time of the day.

BlackVue DR900S-1CH Ultra HD Dash Cams

A high-quality dash cam with a discreet design.

Power Supply: Battery | Video Quality: 4K | Night Vision: Yes | Rear Camera: Yes

+ The ideal option for those who want a smaller but high-performing device

+ It has an extremely wide 162-degree viewing range

+ It saves videos in HVEC (H.265) format to reduce space consumption

If you want a dash cam that performs well despite its compact design, check out the BlackVue DR900S. It has a minimalistic look, but it is still able to shoot 4K videos all day long.

It also saves videos in HVEC format, compressing each file to make room for more storage space. Do not underestimate this device.

Garmin Mini Key-Sized Dash Cam

The smallest dash cam with HD quality.Power Supply: Plugged In | Video Quality: 1080p | Night Vision: None | Rear Camera: None

+ A key-sized dash cam that packs a lot of power

+ It automatically records 1080p videos once it’s plugged in

+ The built-in WiFi driver enables it to upload videos directly on the smartphone app

The Garmin Mini is the smallest dash cam you will find in the market. Even though it can only record videos in 1080p, it is still preferred by many drivers because of its size.

You can easily install it by your rearview mirror, and it starts recording as soon as you plug it in. It also has a built-in WiFi driver that enables you to upload videos on the Cloud, and then you can watch those using the free Garmin smartphone app.

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